KA Record Weight

A true high-end product and different from any other record weight on market, KA record weight is a product made with exquisite craftsmanship and devised by meticulously choosing each and every component. Thus, each KA record weight is unique; with no other exact copy.
The production process of KA record weight took eight months during which the best materials to use were carefully selected and the product was thoroughly tested. After eight months of testing and experimentation with wood, chromium, rubber and Delrin, the most efficient use of the combination of these materials has been found.
KA record weight weighs 525(+/-1%) grams. The wooden part of the record weight, made of exotic wood, is carved manually on lathe as a single piece. The outer wooden coating envelops the interior weight made of stainless steel.
The inner center of KA record weight, which will be placed on the spindle, is made of black thermoplastic material (DELRIN) in order to eliminate the static electrical resonances transmitted and prevent the possible corrosion that can result from the contact of spindle and the stainless steel.
A rubber O-ring with great damping capacity ensures that KA record weight applies equal amount of pressure on the surface of the record.
Thanks to these special materials chosen in the making of KA record weight, it is now possible to a filter and dramatically reduce undesirable macro and micro-vibrations that damage the original sound contained in the grooves.

The center hole in the KA record weight is 7,22mm in diameter and has a depth of 25mm. The product can be used with all turntables that allow the use of such a product.
In order for the wooden part to last longer and preserve its bright color, fifty layers of Shellac varnish, an entirely natural substance, have been applied manually.





KA record weight will be delivered to you in its velvet pouch placed in a specially designed box made of solid wood, together with a polishing cloth.


Product Name: KA Record Weight
Product code: KA-W
Height: 65mm
Largest diameter: 80mm
Spindle hole diameter: 7,22mm (products with a diameter up to 7,25mm can be produce upon demande)
Spindle depth: 25mm
Weight: 525gr.
Price: $ 280 (VAT excluded)


Korman Akustik
Trademark Registration Number : 2013 44697


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